The Creator & Aromatherapist:

Hello, I’m Katrin.

I serve Aromatherapists around the world who are totally ready to be part of a professional business community. I work with Aromatherapists who desperately want to grow their business, connect to potential customers but currently struggle to see the forest for the trees.

I created a roadmap for Aromatherapists to make their day-to-day lives easier.

I give them the tools to turn hassle into fun. I help them get exactly what they want, which is more time to create blends, connect to other Aromatherapists, explore different business areas, and help them deal with mundane tasks like calculating their products' profit margins growing their customer base.

I’ve received my Aromatherapy certification from the Aromahead Institute in Florida. I studied International Business Relationships in Germany, and I learned from the best in the online marketing world, such as Stu McLaren, Amy Porterfield, Carrie Green, Rachel Miller, Marie Forleo, and many more, to accomplish and grow my business. I would say that I'm a lifelong learner, most likely not unlike you. 

It is truly time to share my secrets with you on how to get started as an Aromatherapist and provide you with a shortcut through the business jungle. An online community of like-minded Aromatherapists awaits you.

And when I’m not creating apps, tools, memberships, and Aromatherapy products for my clients, I can be found in different cities around the world exploring every single coffee shop that exists and enjoying wine and food, only to find myself later at home on a detox cleansing week :-)

When at home, I just simply love to hang out with my husband, two kids, furry friends (2 dogs and 3 cats), take an early morning walk at the beautiful coastline of Portugal and meet friends for a lovely pizza evening.

I’m an early morning riser (between 4 and 5 am) which puts me to bed at the latest at 9 pm.

If you are dying to know more, here are 3 things you don’t know about me:

  1. I really can’t tell jokes. I start laughing so hard that I hardly get to the end of the joke when I’m telling them. Really bad!
  2. I fall asleep when my son brushes my hair.
  3. I count tiles in a bathroom. I count wood panels on the ceiling or the floor (when they exist), I follow patterns with my fingers. 

Let's work together. Join our community of fabulous Aromatherapists who want to make a difference in this world! One successful step at a time.

 I like to help other Aromatherapists succeed in their businesses. No matter where they are in the world!

 xx Katrin

The Brain behind the web:

Seth Birkholz is a serial developer, developing software by day for others (Django, Python, Ajax, Java, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera) and business possibilities by night. Blend Precisely is only one (renewable alternative energy, anyone?)!  His interest and curiosity about life in general and human beings, in particular, amazes lesser folk, inspiring others to leap forward with him to answer the question, "What if...?"

The creation of our Aromatherapy Software BLEND PRECISELY keeps him busy. He loves to help Aromatherapists to spend more time helping their clients than trying to figure out spreadsheets. His goal is to SAVE an Aromatherapist MANY hours so they can focus on the "really good stuff," making the world a better place.

Jello makes him happy, and he plays a mean recorder.  

The Best son ever:

Max Frisbee is our amazing young man and part of the Blend Precisely Team. He is a black belt in Karate, plays Piano, chases dogs & cats, and masters 3 languages simultaneously. In his free time he loves to surf, snowboard, and cook incredible dishes.

He earns a Gold Medal for being mostly a patient brother to his sister! 

Max is behind the website creations for our Aromatherapists, video post-production of all videos you see throughout the courses, recipes, and announcements, and he clearly tells us if something looks really bad. Well, he is a half-blooded german. True, honest, charming, and sweet!

Oh, and did you say Ice Cream, Popcorn, and movies? He will be there :-)

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Greetings, and thank you for your interest.

Katrin & Seth

P.S. Our community is waiting for you. Come over and say "Hi"