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About Us

The Creator:

The creator of Petal & Stem, Katrin Birkholz has worked in import-export in Luxemburg, worked as a professional photographer, set up an art gallery, had a successful line of digital print skirts and laptop bags, set up a cozy little coffee shop in San Francisco, managed marketing projects and teams in large corporations.

Managing the evolution of Petal & Stem's products and the new Blend Precisely software tool is her latest love and has been for years. Nothing can stop her anymore. She is impossibly fascinated with the adventures one can take on. She shifts them from scary and overwhelming to absolutely possible.

After years of experimenting with Essential Oils, going through numerous Essential Oil companies, she finally decided to stop the confusion. She was at the doorway to either believe what others tell her or study it in depth. Over one year later she graduated from the Aromahead Institute and opened up her Aromatherapy Store in Lisbon, Portugal in July 2016.

With the business knowledge she has gained over the years, she decided to create the Aromatherapy software called Blend Precisely which allows Aromatherapists and Formulators to create profitable and safe blends. In addition, she has created an online platform for Aromatherapists. "I truly believe that we, Aromatherapists, have no other choice than to succeed and help others create a more comfortable life with Essential Oils. In order to create a sustainable business, we need to know the business side as well as the therapeutic properties of Essential Oils." 

She likes to help other Aromatherapists succeed in their businesses. No matter where they are in the world!


As a side note, she loves to dance, her family, animals, and her camera, which she uses as an escape from the busy world she lives in.

The Brain behind the web:

Seth Birkholz is a serial developer, developing software by day for others (Django, Python, Ajax, Java, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera) and business possibilities by night, of which Petal & Stem is only one (renewable alternative energy, anyone?)!  His interest and curiosity about life in general and human beings, in particular, amazes lesser folk, inspiring others to leap forward with him to answer the question "What if...?"

The creation of our Aromatherapy Software BLEND PRECISELY keeps him busy. He loves to help Aromatherapists to spend more time helping their clients than trying to figure out spreadsheets. His goal is to SAVE an Aromatherapist MANY hours so they can focus on the "really good stuff."

Jello makes him happy, and he plays a mean recorder.  

The Best son ever:

Max Frisbee is our amazing young man. A black belt in Karate, playing Piano, chasing dogs, cats, and chickens, and mastering 4 languages at the same time, and is late new love surfing the coast of Portugal. He earns a Gold Medal for being mostly a patient brother to his sister! Max is behind the video post-production of all videos you see throughout the courses, recipes, and announcements and he clearly tells us if something looks really bad. Well, he is a half-blooded german. True, honest, charming, and sweet! Beat that! Oh, and did you say Ice Cream, Popcorn, and movies? He will be there :-)


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