Scales, Scales, Scales for your Blending of Essential Oil Blends and Cosmetic Products

aromatherapy blending scales cosmetic scales scales weighing your essential oils Oct 25, 2020
Which scales should I use for Cosmetic Blending Scales


When creating aromatherapy and cosmetic products we need a scale. But which one is the right one for our Aromatherapy Businesses?

Here at Blend Precisely and Aromatherapists in Business we have been talking a lot about weighing out your Essential Oils instead of counting drops.

We believe, after studying Aromatherapy, taking various cosmetic classes, talking to many wonderful formulators including Hana & Robert Tisserand, that the best way to blend is to use SCALES and weigh your ingredients. We have talked about it in other articles quite extensively. We also have talked about weighing your essential oil blends in many of our live videos

The obvious reasons are:

  1. Accurate blending techniques are required to produce SAFE products.
  2. You are able to re-produce the EXACT blend.
  3. Essential oils come in different bottles with different orificers. Their viscosities are different as well. So counting drops is INACCURATE.
  4. Often, for cosmetic blending, essential oils are only present in VERY small quantities (0.1-0.5%) A scale can easily weigh 0.05 grams of Cinnamon Bark Oil. It's a great win!

Below I have added different kind of scale sizes I like to work with. As an Aromatherapists I most often use the jewelry scale and the next size up (Medium-sized up to 3000g).

The reason I use a Jewelry scale is:

  • I weigh all my essential oils and smaller sized ingredients on that scale. 
  • You often work with small sample and batch amounts (especially in the beginning when I am testing)
  • As I already mentioned above it is super precise. I can weigh 0.17 grams of essential oils. Many recipes ask for these small accurate amounts. 


Jewelry Scales (Sample Size and all small-sized ingredients)

Smart Weigh SWS100 Elite Series Digital Pocket Scale, Digital Gram and Ounce Scale, Food Scale, Jewelry/Medicine Scale, Kitchen Scale 100 grams by 0.01 grams, Black
Around $10

Tomiba 500g Small Scale 0.01g Resolution Digital Touch Pocket Scale Electronic Precision Weed Jewelry Scale
Around $18

 Medium Sized Scale (Small to Medium-sized Batches)

Digital Touch Pocket Scale 0.01oz - Tomiba 3000g Small Portable Electronic Precision Scale (0.1g) Resolution 2 AAA Batteries Included
Around $17

Large-sized product batches (Scrubs, Lotions, Cremes)

ONEKG Digital Food Kitchen Scale, 7 Units LCD Display Scale in KG, G, oz, lb, tl, ml and ml(milk), Max 11lbs/5kg Precise Scale for Cooking and Baking, Stainless Steel, Easy Clean (Batteries Included) 
Around $22


Thank you for reading and hopefully speak to you soon!

Seth & Katrin

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