Our new Release of Blend Precisely 2.0!

Oct 08, 2020


Since our launch in June 2020, we have been looking forward to our next release, and it is finally here! 

Our Blend Precisely community's feedback was rewarding, and it was for us also a gradual learning curve. 

When this software tool idea was born, to create Blend Precisely, it was basically in its baby shoes. It was meant as a tool, for me as an Aromatherapist for my Petal & Stem Aromatherapy Business, who is not necessarily in love with spreadsheets or calculations.

I certainly could do all of the calculations yet, the time I spent calculating my profit, double-checking the safety information, making sure that I could repeat my blends (drops are so unreliable), save my recipes, print them, and so much more, I hardly had time to play around with my essential oils. 

I wanted to blend with an explorative mind again, experiment with new essential oils, distill my hydrosols, learn more about all the different carrier oils, create courses, hold my consultations, run my online shop...you know what I'm talking about if you are in business for yourself.

With the 2.0 Blend Precisely release, my husband, Seth, has done an OUTSTANDING job implementing our first adopters' wishes. 

We have been discussing this release and the features to implement for the past 3 months and now we have arrived!

THANK YOU, Seth, for all your hard work.

At this point, we owe you a small "walk through" of the Blend Precisely

Feel free to watch our video above in this blog post or over here on YouTube and feel free to ask us questions or simply come over here to sign up if you feel like this software could help you in your business, or maybe you just like to make sure you are using your essential oils safely!

Our Blend Precisely 2.0 features include:

  • Rapid Cost Calculation of all Ingredients (Minutes)
  • Cost-per-drop Calculation/ Essential oil price per drop
  • Pre-populated with over 400 Essential Oils and Raw Ingredients
  • Add your own Suppliers
  • Add your own Prices
  • Instant, accurate Dilution Ratio Display
  • Instant Blend Percentage Display for cosmetic-like blending
  • Blend by Chakras, Plant Notes, Botanical Family, and Plant Parts
  • Add Tax and Shipping Costs for accurate profit calculations
  • Save Unlimited Recipes
  • Essential Oil Safety Warnings
  • Scale your recipes up and down in seconds
  • Print Recipes
  • Be a part of a fast-growing Community of Aromatherapists in Business
  • Save endless HOURS! Focus on what you love to do most :-)


I hope to see you in our growing Blending Tribe. We have surely a lot to look forward to as a community of appreciative Essential Oil lovers. 

With all my heart,


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