New Formulation: Hydrating Cucumber Facial Mist 50g/ 1.8 floz

May 05, 2022

Hello lovely Creators!

In today's formulation, I'm sharing one of my favorite facial mists. It really is necessary to hydrate during any time of the year but especially during the winter months when we use heaters and during the more dry summer months. The ones in Florida or Costa Rica might not need to worry about hydrating their skin. Or especially because of the air conditions. 

Below formulation is a small, slightly more complex formulation but it is SO GOOD! 

Let's get started. I mostly create smaller-size products for myself to simply try them and also if it is a waste, I haven't spent so much money on the ingredients. So below you will find the formulation for a 50g mist-filled into an Amber Bottle with an Atomizer.

The cost of the ingredients is approximately $10.65 plus the amber bottle. So not too bad for such a hydrating facial mist! And those are retail costs. Not wholesale. 


In Blend Precisely, you can, of course, increase or decrease the size. If you would like to use the Hyaluronic Acid as a raw ingredient (meaning not already prepared in a solution) I would only add 0.05% of HA. 

I have also added the sources for each of the ingredients below:

Cucumber Hydrosol -> From Nature with Love (soothing, adstringent & anti-inflammatory)

Rose-Geranium Hydrosol -> From Nature with Love (organic Rose Geranium Hydrosol is calming and balancing)

Pentylene Glycol (Humectant) -> Making Cosmetics (Effective humectant and wetting agent preventing water loss in products and in the skin.)

1% Hyaluronic Acid Solution -> Lotion Crafter Formulation idea came from this blog: It's all in my hands a great formulation for this solution. (Incredible humectant. Magic.)

Cucumber Fruit Extract -> Making Cosmetics (used in skincare to soften and hydrate the skin)

Aloe Vera 200:1 Powder -> Magical Naturals (soothing and anti-inflammatory)

Rose Otto Essential Oil -> Florihana (a dream come true!)

Liquid Germall Plus -> Lotion Crafter (Preservative)


Let me know how you like this formulation!

xx Katrin



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