Live Session: Time Management in the world of an Aromatherapist

Jan 17, 2022
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Live Session: Time Management in the world of an Aromatherapist


Live Chat with Melissa Holman from


Our brain wants to go back to that easy path...

I embedded the live chat in this blog post below, but you may also head over to YouTube to watch it here:

I think most of us, Business Owners, struggle with it: Finding time actually to get our Aromatherapy business off the ground or simply find the time to serve customers.

Melissa (website: is a Certified Holistic Transformational Coach, a Registered Aromatherapist, and the host of Aromatic Chat: the podcast that introduces you to Registered, Clinical, and Certified Aromatherapists around the world. 

As new and even well-established business owners, we continuously find "excuses" and are astonishingly good at putting everything else first BUT our businesses and dreams.



Catch a glimpse: 

00:02:58 And we chose this topic because it's actually a fundamental topic. Yet, it is so challenging to manage every single day and especially, and I think we are mostly talking here to women as well, with everything we have to do every day.

00:03:58 You're a certified Aromatherapist but also a transformational coach. So tell us a little bit more. I want the people who are passionate about aromatherapy to succeed. So I am. Let me see, and I'm in my fifties. My oldest son just turned 40. That's a story for another day, but I have four kids. I have five grandkids, tons of life experiences...

00:07:27 So, I am familiar with the different personality styles.

00:10:27 I can't force you to do anything. I can't make you do anything. You have to want to do it. And the way that you want to do it is by realizing that these are the things that are so important. These are the things that are standing in my way, and this is what I really want. Yes. Yeah.

00:12:44 We value our time. We value our money and the, the excuse that I don't have, and it is not true because we are all given 24 hours every day; what it comes down to is what is my priority? What is the most important thing? And when we can identify those, maybe top three, top five things, then we can prioritize them.

00:16:57 To-do lists, and they get a meter long or three yards long, and then they sit there.

00:22:44 And overall, we know obviously that we need to make money, and we need to get customers in, and we need to be able to serve those customers in a high-quality way. 

00:23:07 So this is a business wheel and what you do, and you can change out the different words for whatever works for you.

00:28:20 Where my problem areas are, and it's okay. I just have to work through them. And you brought up a good point. You know, I lost a customer, and I don't know why there's an area where our brains freak out. Yeah. Because we make up stories about why. Yes, Yes. We make up the story about why my customer stopped responding to me.

00:40:06 Being curious, curiosity is so much more productive than judgment.

00:48:59 Second, you need to create space and time actually the evening before, hopefully for the next day to say this is important.

00:53:25 Yes. It may become a no forever when you realize that that does not serve where I'm headed. It may become a no forever. But for those who are givers and empathetic and loving and caring, it's hard to say no. 

00:55:33 And that's where the machete has to come out, where we have to hack a new trail. Our brain wants to go back to that easy path.

01:00:48 Don't beat yourself up. Yes. Be curious over, be curious over judgment. Curiosity will get you far. Judgment will send you in a downward spiral.

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