Jasmine Essential Oil

Apr 04, 2019


1000kg of plant material (fresh flowers) is necessary for 1kg of essential oil.

Why is jasmine essential oil so expensive? 1000kg of fresh, hand-picked flowers (7.5 million flowers) are required to produce 1kg of the essential oil. This distinctive scent (it has aphrodisiac properties) is in high demand in the perfume industry, and it reflects in the price. 

The jasmine flowers are harvested by hand at night or early in the morning before the sun rises so that the most significant amount of essential oil can be captured from the flower.

Jasmine has a long-lasting aroma and is so powerful that one drop in a 30ml carrier oil is enough for a massage.

It is a bit difficult to describe Jasmine's scent, but you can generally say it is beguiling. 

The jasmine oil enhances our imagination, lets us express and admit our feelings, it is easier to open up to other people, thus increasing the willingness to surrender, even during physical love.

Jasmine has a special place in skincare, and it is often used for dry, sensitive skin. It can be added to creams, oils, shampoos, and face masks. Or you can also add it to a relaxing bath.

Emotional Effects: Jasmine essential oil is probably one of the oils best associated with femininity and sensuality - it is also called the oil of eroticism, because it has a very beguiling effect, especially on women. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that this oil is used in perfumes, which are said to be particularly beguiling.

Jasmine oil stands for sensuality par excellence, helps to forget, to dissolve, and to enjoy the here and now.

Therapeutic Effects: Also, jasmine oil is antispasmodic, which can be used, for example, for complaints during menstruation and headaches. Jasmine oil also helps with skin complaints and nervousness.

Jasmine helps relieve pain, it strengthens contractions, and it is also widely used for postnatal recovery. But it is important to know: Jasmine can inhibit milk production!

More areas of use:

Back, limb and muscle pain, impotence, frigidity, birth preparation, menstrual cramps, menopausal symptoms, sleep disorders, depressive moods, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, dermatitis, dry skin or mental skin problems.

Jasmine oil has an almost legendary effect on the female genitals, so this oil relieves the symptoms of problems with the uterus and helps with menstrual disorders, regardless of their nature. The oil is still used in obstetrics today because of this effect on the cervix.

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