Interview with Marju Kivi (Naturalness Distillery in Portugal)

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Marju Kivi and her husband Marco started Naturalness Distillery a few years back, coming from two completely different backgrounds.

Naturalness is an artisanal essential oil distillery located in a tiny village called Louriçal do Campo in central Portugal.

Marju and Marco's Naturalness product line includes Hydrolats Essential Oils Carrier Oils.

And now in their own words:

Naturalness is an artisanal essential oil distillery located in a tiny village called Louriçal do Campo in central Portugal. Our day starts early in the morning. Silence is around us!

Nature has developed an incredible force of survival for wild plants. The ones, we wish to work with, release the sweet, woody, green, and fresh aroma. A sickle is used in the cutting process. 

Our distillery is adapted to a 19th-century watermill with thick granite walls. Built aside the Ocreza river with crystalline water born on Gardunha mountain.

When pressure is stable, the red round valve is opened for the steam to enter into the distillation vessel. First notes of distillation are sweet, tender, little fresh and I would say cozy as they would say: “Come and stay for a while!”. The final product is hydrosol or essential oil. 

Marco did mention to me at first about essential oil and told, it was good for treating problematic skin. Hydrosol stood out for exceptional behavior to stop bleeding, as well as great skin tonic itself. Local aromatherapists introduced a fact about inhalation of essential oil being used as a key to your soul to reach hidden feelings. Grounding and supporting for some users, uplifting for the others.

This plant has taken over our lives! It is Cistus ladanifer, rock rose in popular language.

An essential oil is used in perfumery! Chanel nrº 5 has it! If it is used as a base note and for fixation in perfumery, we should make perfume! 

The landscape around Naturalness Distillery is decorated with natural granite sculptures. The creation of an Aroma Garden is taking place. Mainly Portuguese aromatic and medicinal plants are introduced! 

To complete our main activity, working with Cistus ladanifer plant, we are working with other aromatic and medicinal plants to complete the Portuguese Collection of essential oils and hydrosols.

Marju and Marco can be reached as follows:



By email: [email protected]

Thank you so much for the interview, Marju!

Beijinhos Katrin

P.s. I fell in love with their Prune Carrier Oil (Prunus domestic) to be found here: Prune Oil and their Cistus Hydrosol. I have never had such a beautiful aroma in any of my products. It smells fresh and pure!

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