How to make your own product labels at home

Nov 05, 2021
How to create labels from home


How I create my Aromatherapy product labels.


If you scroll down you will find the video embedded in this blog post as well.

This live show my step-by-step process of creating labels at home with a laser printer from HP. I love staying flexible with my labels, sizes and designs. Printing at home gives me the option of reworking my designs periodically, creating new product labels, and testing the market. 

During my formulation process with Blend Precisely, I have the possibility to easily copy the entire label (common name, Latin name and/ or INCI name) and the necessary ingredients to my label design. Saves my hours!

See the below image: 

I use a Hewlett Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw. This printer has given me already five years of excellent printouts (colour or black and white).

For my designs, I always use CANVA. You can quickly start out with the free version, but I would invest the low monthly fee and go PRO once you get familiar. 

I buy my labels at, and for the UK, you can go here:

To import the labels for the printout, I use online label's MAESTRO system:

I hope you enjoy the live and it gives you a good overview of how I work my product labels :-)

xx Katrin




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