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Webinar: Ebers School of Aromatherapy & Blend Precisely

Apr 02, 2021


Blend Precisely meets an Aromatherapist's need!

 Watch video on YouTube: Webinar replay

This was a lovely webinar with Raghda Abdelmaksoud, the owner of  Ebers School of Aromatherapy.

Ebers School of Aromatherapy is an online school offering Aromatherapy certification & classes approved by NAHA,  Level 1 Aromatherapist Certification course is over 75  hours,  you will have 1 year from sign up date to finish and graduate. 

This 1-year program is an entry-level  Aromatherapy certification Program no previous experience is required; it covers a variety of subjects including essential oil usage, chemistry, the science of aromatherapy, anatomy, physiology, 20 essential oils data and application, four body systems, in addition to Anatomy & Physiology and Materia Medica.

We demonstrated Blend Precisely during this live webinar; you might find it helpful to take a peek at what this tool might be able to do for you :-)


that's how we started creating blend precisely two and a half years ago
so let me just go ahead and enter a few essential oils and maybe a few carriers
the perfumery note and the chakra for each of the oil 
I'm going to add, let's say, four drops of frankincense, three drops of clary sage
okay, first of all, you can double-check quickly the dilution ratio you want to go for
create a larger profit margin, so there's
if I have a markup of three, my retail price would be 24.63
cost the container
percentage in case you're using grams and of course the essential oil safety information as well
a different currency, so if your customer, for example, is in Canada (Canadian dollars)
we have tutorials, and we have our community
Thank you for watching, and as always, if you have any questions, please send us an email at [email protected].
Speak to you soon,
xx Katrin

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