#94 Blend Precisely Live: Are Blend Precisely, LabAroma & Dropsmart the same?

Sep 15, 2022


Are Blend Precisely, LabAroma & Dropsmart the same? This is the number one question we get from schools, institutions, and Aromatherapists...


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And here we go:

Hello, this is Seth with Blend Precisely. I'm back, back from the dentist. It was fun. So Katrin tells me that I must smile more. I'm too serious. So there you go. I'm smiling. I'll try to be a little happier today. Today's a bit of a light session. We're gonna be talking about the one question.

Everyone asks us when I talk to a school or a person, and I tell them what Blend Precisely is they immediately ask, is this a competitor to LabAroma? And the answer is no, it's not.

So I'm gonna share a screen just to give you some comparisons. But before I do that, I just wanted to kind of give an overview. There's actually like three chunks of software there, somewhat similar there's Dropsmart, formerly Dropsmith and LabAroma and Blend Precisely. There's some other tools and things out there that are using Airtable and various things. But in terms of creating an app that is something where you can put recipes into and visualize what's going on and see some charts. Those are pretty much the only three. 

So let me share a screen now. So here's our little cheat sheet of all the differences between Blend Precisely in the first column. Dropsmith now Dropsmart in the second and LabAroma in the third column. So just in general, LabAroma and Dropsmart focus, much more on chemistry.

There's a lot of differences between Dropsmart and LabAroma that I'm not gonna dwell on too much, but Dropsmart gets into a lot of it has a strong focus on distillers and chemistry and LabAroma is very heavy on chemistry. I think it's worth noting that if you read the history of everyone that's been developing these products, the Genesis story is like; "Oh my God, there was so much math." Or there was just some massive problem of just trying to coordinate all the things that you would learn in aromatherapy school. And it can get deep and complicated at a conceptual level. It's not too bad, but when you have to get in and go through spreadsheets and figure out you have five drops of a Stock Blend.

So what percentage of lavender in a Stock Blend is in your overall formula that can be complicated or in the case of LabAroma with the chemistry, like how many turpenes or what have you are in there? So those are some examples.

So to get into a little bit of the details here, a lot of features of Blend Precisely are cost calculation, cost per drop calculation, pre-populating suppliers. These are all ideas and concepts that are mostly for people that are interested in doing a business. You need to know what your profit margin is. You need to know how much you pay for something to see what's going on there.

Dropsmith, sorry, Dropsmart. I'll get that honed in a second. They do have some very good charts, some very colorful things, and some detailed chemistry layouts. They do show all of us the botanical family. LabAroma and Blend Precisely show what plant parts are part of the blend. They all three platforms can, you can put in notes. We're the only one that say you can add in instructions and description.

So the the differences come in more sharply when you're looking at like the highly detailed chemistry layout, this is not the focus of Blend Precisely, but it is the focus of both Dropsmart and LabAroma; let's see the things that stand out. We're trying to give our customers an ability to see as much as possible and to influence their decision-making process from the viewpoint of selling a product and making something for a customer.

So, which is one of the reasons that we have Essential oil safety warnings. So again, a shout out to Hannah and Robert Tisserand specifically for letting us use their information in our program and as well to the Airmid Institute for being able to provide their information about endangered species. So anything that helps you make a decision? Do I want to do this?

How is my customer gonna perceive me? How much does it cost? And we're continually adding, and we're trying to help you get through what we call the customer path. So, for example, let's say a client comes in, they say, I have anxiety, which is a common problem that aroma therapists try to address. You want to go say, well, what is, what, what are the Oils that can, can deal with that? And that is a question that is currently best answered with LabAroma or Dropsmith. We're getting those in as well, thanks to Jackie Glinkie at Infinite Aromatics. And that should be coming to you soon, but we're not gonna go into the level of detail that LabAroma or Dropsmart do because it's just not our focus,

but it is something that will help you in the customer path. You find your oils, then you say, okay, how much do they need? Add some instructions on how often they need to take this formula. See if you're you have the right dilution ratio. Are there any safety warnings? Is this for a child, any pregnant women involved, or these types of concerns. And then you can get a label out of it. You can say, okay, well, I'm gonna put this on a bottle. Maybe, you want to actually sell this. In which case you wanna copy the label information, put it on a bottle and, and ship it. So we're always looking for ways to lower the bar for you as a business owner, to go from idea to shipping and collecting money. And we're getting better at that. And, but as it is right now, we think we're doing a pretty darn good job, but I, I hope it's clear that LabAroma and Dropsmart are much more focused on distillers, research and on the chemical properties of essential oils and how to combine them properly. 

That is not the focus of Blend Precisely at all. So let me take this off of screen share, and see if anybody has some comments here. Jackie says each app has its own purpose, in my opinion. And Jackie should know because she's been everywhere and knows everyone. So thank you for that comment, Jackie. All right.

So if you have any questions, please do let me know in the next five seconds. Otherwise, we'll call this a wrap and we'll look for your feedback on Facebook. I'll put this spreadsheet up on Facebook so you can see it and refer back to it. And if Colleen or Melanie, Colleen of LabAroma or Melanie of Dropsmart wants to put their 2 cents in, we're more than welcome to hear it. We're on Aromatherapists in Business, on Facebook, and we're all friends here. We're all trying to help the Aromatherapists.

We'll talk to you later. Bye.

Seth & Katrin


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