#99 - Blend Precisely Walk Through

Oct 24, 2022
Blend Precisely Essential Oil Software


Check out this week's live on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTH_Ivf4vRY

The reason for today's Blend Precisely Feature walk-through is because we have quite a few new members with Blend Precisely, and I know a new software tool can be super tedious in the beginning Blend Precisely has quite a few features to offer, and I want to take a moment to really either answer your questions if you have any right now or take you just through a few basic information you want to know before you get started or while you get started,

Settings we will look at:

  1. Create a Stock Blend and repurpose it in other formulations
  2. Take a traditional Aromatherapy Recipe and turn it into a Percentage and Gram Formulation
  3. Preferences -> Set your drop references, hourly rate, unit preferences, currency
  4. Account Settings -> Upload your logo, your business name, country
  5.  Pre-populated prices for Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Butters, and so on (Retail prices)
  6. Why do we add the data for your ingredients for you?
  7. Seeing only your raw ingredients. How to...
  8. Units to choose from while adding your raw ingredients.
  9. Your Production costs. What do you pay yourself, and do you include it in your costs?
  10. Cost & Profit calculations
  11. Advanced Filter. Search for your specific blending needs by Essential Oil, Latin name, botanical family, perfumery note, plant parts, etc.
  12. Component Additions. Packaging Costs, Labeling Costs, etc. Including those is of utmost importance!
  13. Endangered Species such as Rosewood, for example. The Airmid Institute provided the data.
  14. I am navigating to the safety information provided by the Tisserand Institute
  15. You are sizing and creating larger batches. Get your calculations done automatically. Increase and decrease your batch sizes conveniently!
  16. The creation of Stock Blends and using them in all of your further product creation. Check this feature out! So valuable and what a time saver!!! One of my favorite features :-)
  17. Convert your Aromatherapy recipe automatically into grams and percentage formulations. Why would you need that? This feature will guarantee the replication of your blend perfectly! Needed when you sell products!
  18. Batch upload of your raw ingredients. This one we touched only in this live but there is a batch upload tool, and the tutorial is right here
  19. How to know if your blend is above the suggested topical max.
  20. Further statistics include Blend Percentage, Perfumery Notes, Plant Parts used in your blend, Botanical Family and Chakras.
  21. Where do our Tutorials live, How to ask for a new Raw Ingredient to be added, and New Feature requests. 
This live was packed, and I hope you get a chance to get a glimpse of the software and model after a few features I have shown you.

Thank you so much for watching and taking the time to create amazing, unique, and safe blends!

xx Katrin & Seth

P.s. We have a few resources available for you:

Get grooving in your business! Join our Business Starter Membership for $9/ month: https://academy.blendprecisely.io/your-simple-one-product-success-roadmap

Blend Precisely Aromatherapy Business Calculation offers a 14-Day Trial:

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