#84 Blend Precisely Q&A

Jun 25, 2022

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#84 Live - Let's get your questions answered

We love the questions we have received during this last week and we have answered them during this live. If you couldn't be part of our live, maybe you will find one or the other helpful.

Let's get started:

01:48 min

Why do you have 2 logins?

04:16 min

Can we convert cosmetic grams/ percentage to drops and back?

09:14 min

Why can I not add my own ingredients? Why do I need to submit them to BP first?

12:43 min

How is costing done if my hourly rate currency is different from my formulation currency?

16:02 min

What happens to my costing when I change my prices?

19:34 min

What's up with the Categories?

23:04 min

What are the 3 different kinds of labels?

20:27 min

What is the logo used for?

25:15 min

Why are we using "Blend Precisely" as a supplier?


Thank you for stopping by! We love it!

xx Katrin & Seth


P.s.  We have a few resources available for you. Blend Precisely Academy Free Resources are available here: https://academy.blendprecisely.io/aromatherapists-resource-page.


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