#82 Can you trust Blend Precisely?

Jun 06, 2022


Last week Seth went live with the question if you can trust Blend Precisely ⁉️


In addition to the live video from last Wednesday (you can find the link below), we have added two more tutorials that will further clarify the preciseness Seth has programmed for you!

As Aromatherapists, we have to deal with math and calculations daily. Calculations of the Blend's dilution ratio, creating unique blends with multiple essential oils, pricing them out, etc.

Seth has created Blend Precisely for that very reason!

I just didn't want to spend the few precious hours I have in a day calculating manually for accuracy. Yes, it is good to know how to do your calculations, but I'd rather spend my time on creating new potions or marketing my business (getting more customers into the door). Also, I would love to outsource selling. LOL. 

The two topics he was covering in his live were:


1) Why does Blend Precisely show a 1.11% Dilution Ratio if my school taught me 1%?



2) 46 drops equal 2.3 grams. Really? Here is why not to count drops! Cheers :-)

Video at the top or click the link here to watch it: https://app.searchie.io/watch/OYq9R4L92n


As I like the two above tutorials, I mentioned those first. If you would like to watch the live from last week, you can find it on YouTube here: #82 Live - Can you trust Blend Precisely?

As Aromatherapists, we are slowly changing the way we create our blends. In some cases, we might start out with drops and then change over to grams, and in some cases, we already start with percentages/ grams, which is the "Cosmetic Mode" in Blend Precisely

Feel free to send us an email! We always like to hear what you do in your Essential Oil and Natural Cosmetic Formulation world!

Wishing you a beautiful rest of your week!

xx Katrin



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