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Learn how to take your first steps toward a successful online Aromatherapy Business

Download this free overview of Software Tools I use in my Aromatherapy Business.

When I first started my business, it took me more time to figure out what online software tools to use than creating blends and having consultations with my clients. 

10 years ago, on a Tradeshow I attended, an interesting Business Woman told me, "Make sure you have all your tools in place, so you can focus on making a living.

Back then, I was not quite sure what she meant. Today, I wish I would have known back then :-)

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Grab your Clubhouse Guide

I wanted you to get this guide into your hands to help you get started on Clubhouse.

As with every other social media platform, Clubhouse has its own terms and how things function within the app. Feel free to follow me in Clubhouse @KatrinBirkholz. For a live with Jackie Glinkie please go here.

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Grab your Free Therapeutic Properties Cheat Sheet

This will come in really handy when you talk to your clients and you mention all the fancy therapeutic properties and they go: "So what does anticoagulant actually mean?"

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Grab your Free 101 Business Checklist

This checklist gives you an overview what is involved in an online Aromatherapy Business. Don't worry if you can't check off all items listed. If you are missing pieces, let me tell you that his is normal! Building an online Aromatherapy Business is a journey. Nothing happens overnight but it is important that we keep on moving towards our goals. Every day. 

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Join our Free Facebook Business Group

Our Aromatherapists in Business Group is packed with value. Aromatherapists and Distillers from all walks of life come together in this group. Browse around or simply ask a business question and you will be guaranteed to get an answer from your peers. It's an invaluable resource.

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Join our Free Blending & Pricing Facebook Group

This group talks a lot about pricing and blending your products so you can create a profitable business while making sure your blends are safe! Most people in this group use our Blend Precisely software for the most accurate outcome. We go "live" in this group every week to discuss new pricing and blending questions and ideas.  

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