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If you are serious about growing your Aromatherapy Business, you will find it easier to be with like-minded Aromatherapist Entrepreneurs walking the same path as you do. 

If you find yourself struggling to get more clients, build your online appearance, create products that will stand out, you are unsure how to price your products, and so much more we Business Owners need to conquer...It is truly easier, faster, and better to do it together!

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We have put together a number of free resources to get you started in your Aromatherapy Business. From handy cheat sheets for your Aromatherapy business to handy business checklists.

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Join our community of Professional Aromatherapists over on Facebook. You are not alone! Everyone has questions in regards to Insurance, Courses, Books, Essential Oils, Distillers, selling Products, and more.

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Blend Precisely

This app will help you create safe and profitable recipes. With over 400 raw ingredients in the database, safety information, and blend charts. It is currently the only software program for Aromatherapists which does the math for you!

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Starting and growing an Aromatherapy Business does not need to be hard and complicated.

Taking steps EVERY DAY towards your GOAL, no matter how small or big this goal is will give you the wanted OUTCOME.

20 years ago, my business coach said: "All that matters is that you keep on moving!"

  • Even when it is hard when you start out in the business world
  • Even when you didn't sleep well
  • Even when you had a dreadful client review
  • Even when you feel overwhelmed
  • Even when it feels like you are not getting anywhere
  • Even if you have to take 3 steps back to see the whole picture
  • Even when your kids give you a hard time

Guess what? Your business, and with that your clients, need you! Every day. A little bit!

If you are lost or you are missing the right, valuable information on how to get clients, build an online presence, creating products, selling products, using social media, or simply wanting to connect to like-minded people.

Your journey starts here with our Tribe of Aromatherapists!

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Well, Hello & Welcome,

I'm so glad you are here! My name is Katrin Birkholz and I'm a Certified Aromatherapist and a serial Entrepreneur.

In the last 25 years, I have seen and done it all when it comes to creating and owning a business or working as a marketing and project manager in large corporations.

I studied photography, worked as a wedding & family photographer, created a digital textile business, owned a coffee shop in San Francisco, and opened a brick & mortar aromatherapy store in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal.

For a few years now, I have focused my time on my Aromatherapy Business and I'm dedicated to helping other Aromatherapists to succeed in their businesses as well.

Together with my husband, Seth Birkholz, we have created a software tool solely for Aromatherapists who wish to save time creating safe and profitable blends.

To find out more about our toolkit, please follow this link


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